Season 2 - Episode 10

From a very early age, identical twins, Jennifer and June Gibbons were insular. They created their own secret language and refused to talk to anyone else. Following a conviction for burglary and arson, during their late teens, they were both sent to Broadmoor psychiatric hospital. 

This selective muteness would leave them trapped in the secure facility, on a cocktail of antipsychotic medication, for 11 years. But when they heard that they were being released, they both reached an agreement that one twin should lead a normal life.  

Tragically their decision would have fatal consequences.

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Season 2 - Episode 9

On Friday, May 6th, 1927 a large black trunk was abandoned in the luggage office at Charing Cross station in London. The trunk sat amongst the other abandoned luggage in the stifling heat until Monday morning. Staff arrived to begin their working week and were hit by a pungent odour. The source appeared to be coming from the large black trunk. An officer arrived and pried it open. He saw five large parcels wrapped in brown paper and tied with string.

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Bonus Episode 2

We’ve all had them. Those awkward first dates. You struggle to find something to talk about. So you go for the sure bet, and you mention the weather. But what would you do if you ended up meeting someone for a romantic night in, and you end up being arrested, and held in police custody for a crime you didn't commit?

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Season 2 - Episode 7

Bijan Ebrahimi lived on the ground floor in a four-story block of flats located on Capgrave Crescent in Bristol. Bijan, a shy man and an Iranian immigrant, suffered from health problems that left him disabled. He had a close bond with his family and took joy in tending to his garden in a communal area that overlooked the surrounding flats.

Despite being quiet, he didn't go unnoticed. He was verbally abused by some of his neighbours, as he was seen as being “different” and viewed as an easy target by his tormentors. His pleas to the local authorities for help were met with complacency, and Bijan was dismissed as being a pest and annoyance. Bijan recorded some of these incidents, however, this antagonised a gang of nearly two dozen residents who surrounded Bijan’s flat in July 2013.

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Season 2 - Episode 6

Alan Hopkinson is a former member of Mensa with an IQ of 159. He was a computer programmer and had served in the royal air force. At the time of his arrest he was middle-aged with a salt and pepper hair, and a moustache. Nothing about him stands out. You could pass him on the street and not take notice. 

Alan Hopkinson is also highly dangerous due to his obsession with young girls.

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Season 2 - Episode 5


During April 2016 Helen Bailey, a successful author, disappeared. She allegedly left a note, found by her husband to be, asking that no one contact her as she needed some time alone. Over the following weeks and months, appeals were made by Helen’s friends and family in the hope someone might have spotted her.

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Season 2 - Episode 4

Ian Stewart lived on Baldock Road in Royston with his finance, successful author Helen Bailey. The couple shared their home with Ian's two sons, from a previous marriage, and Helen's beloved miniature dachshund called Boris. Ian and Helen had planned their wedding for September 2016, but in April of that year,  Helen disappeared. A note left, that looked to be written by Helen, requested that no one contact her as she needed some time alone. Over the next few months, appeals for her whereabouts were made by her family and friends along with most national newspapers, but no one could answer the question, Where is Helen Bailey?

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Season 2 - Episode 2

On Tuesday, November 24th, 2015,  Michelle James and an acquaintance, were clearing out a communal garden in Beddau, Wales, after a neighbour, Leigh Sabine, had passed away. 

Before she had died, Leigh who was always talkative and very outgoing had told her friend Michelle there was a medical skeleton in the garden and laughed suggesting it would be funny to scare one of their friends with it.

This practical joke would lead to Michelle’s arrest, spur a murder investigation that would span the globe, and ultimately led back to a two pound stone frog that lived on Leigh’s bedside cabinet. 

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Season 2 - Episode 1

On May 12th, 1958, 31-year-old Peter Manuel went to trial at Glasgow High Court for the murder of eight people.

So desperate were people to get a seat on the public benches for the trial of the infamous Beast of Birkenshaw, they queued outside the court overnight.

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Season 1 - Episode 19


Upon his release in 1987, Michael Peterson had spent almost a decade and a half in prison. 

He had served the majority of his sentence in solitary confinement, but now the 35-year-old was a free man and had taken up bare-knuckle boxing under his new name, Charles Bronson.

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Season 1 - Episode 18

There is only one prisoner who will go down in history as being Britain’s most notoriously violent inmate.

This is not a label you get overnight, and despite a couple of short-lived moments of freedom, he has been in prison since 1974, with the majority of those years held in solitary confinement.

He has spent time in the notorious“Hannibal Cage” at Wakefield prison due to his violent outbursts. The walls are made of reinforced concrete, and sheets of bulletproof glass allow the inmate to be observed 24 hours a day. 

The cage within a cage has a table and chair made entirely of cardboard, and meals are slid through a 1-foot gap in the cell door. There is no human contact, not from the guards, and certainly not from other inmates. 

He is alone except for the rare visit from a solicitor, and this meeting is conducted through a steel net.

Prisoner BT1314 now spends his days in a cell 12 foot by 6 foot. While many stress he has never murdered anyone, that isn't for the lack of trying.

Michael Peterson has been known under many names but the most familiar of all… is Charles Bronson.

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Season 1 - Episode 17

In 2004, Sydney Blackwell, a retired accountant, and his wife Jacqueline, an antiques dealer, lived in the village of Melling in Merseyside. It's an affluent area with green fields, old churches and quaint cottages. 

They shared their home with their 18-year-old son, Brian. 

As Sydney sat in his favourite chair, his son attacked him with a claw hammer and then preceded to stab his mother over 15 times.

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Season 1 - Episode 16


Stephen Port was arrested on October 15th, 2015 for the murders of 4 men. They were all found in Barking in East London and had all died in strikingly similar circumstances.

All had deadly levels of GHB in their system and the police had initially believed this was either accidental or self-inflicted.

The family and friends of the young men did not think that they would choose to take their own lives and it was only due to the sheer force of will on their part; they managed to convince investigators to look beyond their initial findings.

After new evidence had been uncovered, the police had their suspect in custody.

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Season 1 - Episode 15

St Margaret’s Church is located in Barking, in East London. The church is surrounded by grassland and lies on the same grounds as an abbey which has fallen into ruin. 

During the summer of 2014, the churchyard would be the location where two young men would be found, weeks apart. Both had died from an apparent overdose of GHB, otherwise known as liquid ecstasy.

Both men, in their early 20s, were similar in stature and openly gay. The police attributed the first death to an accidental overdose and the second to suicide with neither of them being deemed suspicious. According to police, the two young men had known each other. The second had taken his life as he couldn’t live with the knowledge that the first man had died from a drug overdose while the two men were having sex.  

One year later a third man fitting the same description as the previous two was found dead, next to the churchyard.

While the police still believed the three death’s to be a coincidence, it was the body of a fourth man found dead only 500 metres from the churchyard, in June 2014, that would lead investigators to the front door of Stephen Port.

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Season 1 - Episode 14

Canterbury is a Cathedral city located in Kent in the South East of England. The city lies on the River Stour, and within the city walls, the gothic Canterbury Cathedral dominates the skyline.

On March 29th, 2016 the emergency services received a phone call from 54-year-old Foster Christian. He claimed that he was assaulted at home, by some of his housemates.

Foster, who had a cut above his right eye, insisted he was acting in self-defence; however, two people had been stabbed to death and two young men, aged 20 and 16 were severely injured… The incident was said to have started over a cup of tea.

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Season 1 - Episode 13

The Humber bridge nature reserve is in the east ridings of Yorkshire and is a scenic place where families spend the day. It's also the location of rumour and legend, like that of the headless man that stalks the woodland at night.  The legend has a grain of truth as a motorcyclist was beaten to death there in 1963 though wasn't decapitated as the rumour suggests.

It isn't the only story about the park.

The phantom of a vanishing cyclist is said to be regularly seen. It is said a cyclist had died by plunging over the edge of the quarry and his ghost continues to replay the tragedy. Another urban legend is that the black mill, a windmill that stands in the park, was a safe place for witches in Victorian times which made it a spot for practising Satanists in the 1980s. 

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