Benjamin and Rosanna Fitton are the husband and wife team behind the number one hit podcast They Walk Among Us. The podcast started in September 2016, focusing on crime in the UK — delving into the crimes that are close to home, the criminal that sleeps beside you, lives next door, or delivers your newspaper.

The podcast has won two British Podcast Awards for best true crime podcast and a Lovie Award for best entertainment podcast.

The couple's work has been praised by The Guardian who called the show "a cult hit", The Financial Times, referred to it as "sharply written", The Evening Standard praised the "expertly understated storytelling" and Newstatesman labelled it "the mysterious true crime podcast that'll keep you up at night".

They have recently written a book They Walk Among Us available through Virgin Books.

Benjamin and Rosanna live together with their five cats in Northamptonshire.


Benjamin - co-writer and narrator of the podcast. The majority of his spare time is devoted to devouring true crime in all its forms. When he's not doing that, he loves watching cheesy sci-fi TV with his wife.


Rosie - co-writer, illustrator and social media manager. Life long true crime and horror enthusiast. Living happily in the suburbs with her husband and cats.