Season 3 - Episode 28

He got into the stolen car, started the engine and left his mothers home. The vehicle wasn't the only thing that he had stolen. Concealed under a blanket, in the boot of the car, was a pump action shotgun and some ammunition taken from his stepfather. 

Women in the south-east were not safe. The severity of his crimes escalated fast.

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Season 3 - Episode 26

Off the northeastern tip of Scotland, many of the 70 isolated Islands in Orkney, are unoccupied. The sandy beaches, lush green fields and rugged white cliffs look like something you would see on a postcard. With a population of roughly 20,000 people crime is rare. On the odd occasion when an offence is committed, it doesn’t take long for police to apprehend the culprit as everyone knows everyone else’s business. There hadn’t been a murder in Orkney in a quarter of a century but in 1994 all that would change.  (Part 1 of 2)

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Season 3 - Episode 25

Stephen suddenly felt a pain in his chest and momentarily blacked out. After hitting what he thought was a brick in the centre of the road it startled him and looking for the brake he accidentally put his foot on the accelerator. Before he could get the vehicle under control it ploughed through a gap in the trees and plummeted into the freezing waters of the Bridgewater canal.

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Season 3 - Episode 20

Jeeves jumped into the back of the Bentley. The chauffeur was escorting him from London to Scotland. Jeeves was looking peaky, maybe a break from the city for a walk in the Scottish countryside might help freshen him up. After a short trip, they would make the roughly eight-hour drive home, refreshed. 

Jeeves was used to the more exceptional things in life, sometimes he devoured the best fillet steak purchased especially for him from Harrods.

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Season 3 - Episode 19

Stefano Brizzi had just been found guilty of murder. Throughout his trial, Stefano denied the allegations made by the prosecution. He insisted that it had been a terrible accident. It was always going to be difficult to explain what the police found at his home… partially dissolved human remains. 

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Season 3- Episode 17

After Robert Allan’s abduction and torture, the theft of ammunition and grenades from a barracks in Kent, a drugs bust of nearly three-quarters of a million pounds, and a shooting at a family home, police would bring down one of the most sophisticated and brutal crime gangs Scotland has ever seen.

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Season 3 - Episode 15

Her dream wedding dress hung on a door in her parent's home. She had spared no expense buying a £2,000 gown. Today, September 6, 2003, was meant to be her big day, she was supposed to be getting ready. 

Instead, Deborah Pemberton was waiting anxiously with plain-clothes police for the phone to ring.

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Season 3 - Episode 13

Peter Morgan, a wealthy Welsh businessman and multi-millionaire in his early fifties, had recently separated from his wife. He was looking to start a new life with his young girlfriend.

This new beginning would come to an untimely end when the body of one of the couple would be found next to a saw in a workshop at the home of Peter’s soon to be ex-wife.

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Season 3 - Episode 12

Millions of people worldwide hand over money every week to be in with a chance of winning the lottery. The odds aren't stacked in your favour, but you pay anyway. 

Maybe for a minute, your mind drifts to a place where you’ve won. You imagine what you would do with your millions, what you would buy,  family and friends you would treat, how much your life would be improved.

Teenage lottery winner Michael Carroll’s fall was almost as fast as his rise after he won ten million pounds. His life spiralled into utter chaos, drugs, violence and murder within his family.

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Season 3 - Episode 10

The body of Jimmy Prout had been found in some scrubland only a hundred yards from his home in Percy Main, a small village located in the North East of England. He was the victim of abuse that a prosecutor described as belonging in the dark ages.

Zahid Zaman, Ann Corbett, Kay Rayworth and Myra Wood were charged with his of murder and a trial began at the start of May 2017.

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