Changes to Our Patreon Donation Tiers

Hi everyone,

We hope this message finds you well?


We are always looking for ways to get the episodes we produce into the hands of as many people as possible, and this means we've been looking at different ways to make this happen. 

We work hard on the Patreon mini-bonus episodes and would love to get future mini-episodes heard by a larger audience.

This means, while we will be continuing to produce a bonus mini-episode every month, these episodes, which were Patreon exclusives, will be added to our public feed as well.

To make things simpler, we will also be removing the $5, $10 and $25 tiers from our Patreon page and replacing them with just two. $1 a month will be a level to support the show, and $3 will grant you early ad free access to all episodes.

If you are kind enough to currently donate at any tier above the $3 level, changing your pledge to $3 will grant you access to all episodes, ad free, including one mini-episode a month which will likely be released around a week before it appears on our public feed.

For those of you that have been donating at the $10 / $25 level, we will get in touch through Patreon to discuss options for T-shirts.

The six Patreon exclusive episodes we have previously produced will not be added to the public feed and will remain Patreon only exclusives.

We always welcome feedback, and we hope you understand our decision.

Thank you all for your support.

Benjamin and Rosie.