Become a Patreon Producer

Hi everyone.

We hope this post finds you well!

First of all, Rosie and I would like to thank all of our Patreon supporters. The donations we’ve received have helped us buy new recording equipment along with funding access to court records and historic newspaper archives... all of which makes this podcast possible!

With this in mind, we have recently been looking at the rewards we offer and, after some consideration, we’ve decided that we are going to be making a change to the $10 and $25 tiers. 

Along with the early ad-free episodes ($10+$25), stickers + badges set ($10+$25), website thank you ($10+$25), and Patreon t-shirt ($25), we’ve decided to add a further reward of receiving a personal thank you on the podcast as part of the $10 and $25 tiers.

Essentially, everything that we currently offer will remain the same for the $10 and $25 tiers; however, we are simply introducing an option to have your name mentioned during the closing credits on a podcast episode as a Patreon Producer.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and I will do my best to answer them.


Benjamin x