Season 1 - Episode 1


On Thursday, January 14, 2016, Sadie Hartley, a 60-year-old mother of two, had spent the day at work. She arrived home in the early afternoon and then set off to her local stables.

Later that evening, after returning home alone, there was a knock at the door.

The scene that unfolded, though seemingly random in nature, was a targeted effort to end Sadie’s life. 

It's only when we see behind the curtain we begin to discover the transgressions of someone closest to her was the trigger for this tragic event.


After the Rain comes Rainbow by Ars Sonor

Everybody's Got Problems That Aren't Mine by Chris Zabriskie

Runsten by Ars Sonor

Ottenby by Ars Sonor

Still Life (Light Mix) by Ars Sonor & Material Action